Monday, February 5, 2007

Documenting Second Life experiences?

I came across a mention of blogHUD twice in less than 5 minutes in two completely different and unlinked blogs. That was enough to get my attention. I‘m thinking, “Why now, when I‘m not even thinking about something like this, does this same Web application present itself to me twice in such a short period of time?” I decided I needed to know more. Here‘s what it does:

The 'blogHUD' is a 'heads-up-device' for Second Life.
It allows the owner to easily post a blog entry to, or as a PRO user you can post to your own external blog, if supported. Posts come with a map location of where you posted from in Second Life, along with RSS feeds to subscribe to for your favourite people or places.

The first place I saw this was in confused of calcutta: Dreaming of Second Life and enterprise architecture

Always believing that virtual worlds were about learning, about teaching, about applying what was learnt. About finding better ways of doing things. I began to see the entire applications and infrastructure landscape for a given enterprise as a location on Second Life. I began to see similar locations for competitors and for collaborators, for the market participants and the supply chain partners. Then I saw locations for those things that were truly commoditised, so commoditised that they could be represented as (guess what?) common land on Second Life. Common land with no fencing, no barriers, nothing in the way.

Very interesting stuff, but it got better. He then goes on to describe what he thinks is missing in his “vision” and how the blogHUD is the potential tool to solve this problem:

I was still missing something, something that needed to look like an Instant Messaging “channel” within the enterprise, where people could discuss applications issues, and from where they could, if needed, “teleport” themselves to the application in question.
So you can imagine how I felt when I saw this. BlogHUD. Take a look, see what you think. And let me know. Ideas are for free where I come from. If you want to do something about it, go ahead. Just let me know someday. In the meantime I shall continue dreaming.

Then the very next thing I read was this Scoblelizer post on people not “getting” Secondlife.

Lots of people have been talking to me about Second Life. And how they don’t get it.
I tell them that you don’t need to get it today but that the business model of Second Life will keep pulling you in. Why?
Well, look at the new BlogHUD. Notice what happens there. If you see something that interests you you click on a link and it drags you back into Second Life. Even if you don’t get it.
Now, what happens if your favorite musician does that? Or your favorite baseball team?
Or your favorite store? Or your favorite coffee shop? Or your favorite art museum?
Why would they do that? Ever hear of Lindens? You will. And you’ll pay them up for interesting experiences that keep drawing you in. Even if you don’t get it.

I find there are many experiences in Second Life that I would like to blog. For example, I captured some snapshots of the opening of the World Stock Exchange this weekend. Of course, the snapshots and the post haven‘t seen the light-of-day. Another example, a few weeks back I was visited by the Caledon Victorian Expedition of the Mainland, and spent a good 30 minutes talking with the fine people on their journey. It was a wonderful chat we had, and I was certain I would blog the experience. Nope! This past week we shot a short machinima in Second Life. It was quite fun, and I was sure I would blog that as well. Have you seen it?

So I‘m thinking this BlogHUD may be just the thing I‘m needing to bridge the two worlds. If I could capture these experiences straight from Second Life this might be very cool. So, I‘m going to give it a try. Their page says, “As a PRO user you can post to your own external blog, if supported.” I can‘t see that happening on the NC State Roller site. Just one more reason to pack up and move. I‘d be curious to hear from anyone else that might be using this.

I also might share how I found the posts that led me to BlogHud, but I‘m still trying to decide if I find the reason a tad too embarassing.

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Amy B said...

I have written a couple of posts about Second Life on my Blog, Maine Friend. I felt the need to blog about it,don't know why. I am not as tech savvy as you are though, viewing SL as a more personal experience than an experiment in technology.Interesting posts you have, though.