Monday, February 12, 2007

BA follows-up with a question

BA Thomas from the For the life of me blog continues to make my world a fun place. BA you have no idea how I needed some fun right about now. So thank you! Also, so you know, I totally enjoy good questions. I suspect you will have a bright future.

So I would like to know how you stumbled upon youself on my LJ page but not my Wolfblog page.

I have some automatic searches set up for both HighTouch and my name. I am subscribed to the syndication feeds for those searches in Google Reader where any mentions just show up. Plus I read everything. I have no life.

PS - If you really meant what you said about helping my blog you would delete your HighTouch...

I‘m working on this right now. Soon. I was no happier than you about yesterday and today‘s Wolfblogs outage. I‘m also wanting to take advantage of some new tools.

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