Friday, January 19, 2007

Wikis and the end of knowledge management?

From Zolio‘s Blog: Wikis are Not Knowledge Management Tools:

When wikis are truly embraced in the enterprise, they don't just make KM easier; they put it out of it's misery. Yes, that's right, the wiki is the end of Knowledge Management as we know it: the after-the-fact collection, organization and redistribution of knowledge objects.
The wiki becomes the primary platform to conduct work, the fabric of everyday business, where people create, collaborate, and in the process capture information. While not a Knowledge Management tool, the wiki resolves the KM-problem as a by-product.

Of course, he‘s absolutely right. My question, are wikis so aggressively resisted because people actually understand that the end is near, or do they resist because they are just clueless?

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