Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Thank you Florida: My inkles runneth over

I stayed up way too late watching the BCS Championship game, and I‘m up way too early this morning. Regardless, I was so happy to see Florida win that game last night. Not that I was necessarily pulling for Florida from any loyalties. Here‘s how I set my priorities for who to pull-for when I watch a game:

  1. My alma mater (who is never any good so this option rarely comes in to play)
  2. My employer
  3. Schools that my children attend(ed) (and when they play each other #2 trumps #3)
  4. Where I have my inkles invested
  5. Land-grant universities (last night that was a push)
  6. ACC schools
  7. Something that comes up in the course of the game, e.g. how could you not pull for Boise State over Oklahoma as the game wore on?
  8. Underdogs

That said, #4 came into play last night. I had put my money in this Inkling market:

Which conference will win the BCS Championship

I got-in back in September investing in the SEC at $14.09 with 100 shares. As the season progressed I more than once questioned the wisdom of that decision:

inkling dashboard

As late as yesterday you could have still invested in the SEC for as little $18.55:


This morning I‘m feeling like a genius. Of course, I totally ignored the wisdom of the crowds on this one. The more I heard the pundits talk about how this game was won by Ohio State before it was even played, the better I liked my chances. When I saw what USC did to Michigan I was buoyed even more at the wisdom of my investment.

Some times it pays to be a contrarian. Where I‘m not quite yet a “sage” this morning my inkles runneth over.

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