Monday, January 29, 2007

Sociogram of the New Testament

This sociogram of the New Testament at Many Eyes is quite interesting.


I‘ve seen this graph mentioned in several places this morning. It is without question very cool technology, and is a great example of what is possible in social network analysis. The thing that strikes me about this particular sociogram however, is that it doesn‘t look like your typical sociogram. I zoomed in a bit to show a few nodes more clearly. You don‘t normally see social networks that are this dense.

Where I don‘t profess to be anything more than a casual observer of social network analysis, I will be anxious to see if people who conduct research in this area will start to weigh-in. So far the comments have been from the geek community. I‘m wondering if this visualization has value beyond being a cool demonstration of technology? I‘m wondering if the data might be tweaked to show a more realistic depiction of the actual social network, as I‘m thinking this is not it.

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