Sunday, January 7, 2007

NY Times: Educational institutions in Second Life

A good read today in the NY Times on the activities of educational institutions in Second Life. Good stuff!

SECOND LIFE’S education community is growing: subscribers to its education listserve number more than 1,000; at least three islands run by library groups are open to the public; and universities are collaborating by lending space on their own islands or sharing ideas. Graduate students doing research or teaching in Second Life have formed a mobile colony that holds discussions with experts in subjects like online ethics or aesthetics. Seton Hall, in South Orange, N.J., presented its Second Life teaching methods at a recent conference held on New Media Consortium’s island, and the MacArthur Foundation held a panel discussion called “The Future of Digital Education” on Harvard’s island.

For those of us who have been evangelizing the Second Life virtual world as a killer educational environment, this article goes a long ways to enhancing our credibility. We‘re just a little less “out there” today than we were yesterday.

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