Thursday, January 18, 2007

New voice capabilities in Second Life

I saw this Second Talk Skype headset mentioned yesterday in the Second Life Educators List (SLED) and decided to give it a try.

Second Talk brings free, easily accessible voice chat to Second Life. Wear a Second Talk headset and it'll automatically scan for other users in the area, let you choose one or more people to talk with, and connect you via Skype.

Where it is not perfect, it most definitely makes for a richer Second Life experience. Here‘s a snapshot of me wearing my new Second Talk headset. I think this is a must have for its cool factor if nothing else.

second talk headset

When you are within distance of a person wearing one of these it will alert you and you can initiate a voice conversation. You can add several to your queue and have a group talk. This is very, very cool. Lots of people were hanging around the headset dispenser last night and talking. I might do a little more of that today. Where I don‘t normally talk on the phone much I might do this for a while, at least while it‘s still new and interesting.

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