Monday, January 15, 2007

Is Wii really the future?

I saw this mention of the coolness of the Wii-mote on Adapative Path: I have seen the future and it is Wii?:

In a scene I'm sure was repeated a million times Christmas night, I witnessed people who haven't played a computer game since Pac Man, and can barely send email (not to mention my six-year-old) experiment with cutting edge interaction design, in the form of the gestural interface of the Wii. It's like magic and it points literally and figuratively towards an ubicomp future that blends easily-learned behavior with digital results.

I followed this link through from the Adaptive Path site and found this OS X driver for the Wii-mote that looks very interesting. I access Second Life primarily on my notebook, and where I‘ve got navigation down the keystroke combo is something less than elegant. This looks like it just might work. I‘m fantasizing over using the Wii-mote with my MacBook Pro hooked up to a monster LCD screen. Geez I love my toys!

I enjoy fooling with things like this, and unless someone tells me it‘s not worth the effort I‘ll be off to Best Buy when they open at 10a to pick up a Wii-mote. I have this gift card that has been burning a hole…

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