Friday, January 12, 2007

Cell phone habits in India

Rashmi Sinha has a very interesting read on cell phone habits in India: No one uses voicemail in India and the concept of missed calls. I especially liked the part on ring signals. How innovative…

Gleaned from my various discussions about voicemail, the Indian point of view seems to be:

  • You can always send a SMS instead of a voicemail.
  • SMS is less intrusive, people can respond if and when they want to. Or not respond.
  • When people make a call, they want to talk to you directly- they are looking for synchronous voice communication. Voicemail does not help with that – even a long, chatty message does not. You might as well SMS and set up a time to talk.
They are definitely on to something.

Someone last week asked me why they would send me an SMS instead of just calling me. My answer, “Cause I never answer my phone.” I have found that I have pretty much gone to doing phone calls by appointment only. If you don‘t have caller recognition enabled, and aren‘t on my list of eight you will not get to me via voice. It just uses too much attention bandwidth and has to be rationed. If I didn‘t do this I don‘t know how I would ever get anything done. Just a fact of modern life.

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