Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beth asks a good question...

Beth Kanter (Beth's Blog) asks a good question:

What this left me wondering was- will we always confront the issue of too much information- even with collaborative filtering? When do we reach the point when a human brain is not needed- but agents are?

Personally, I think never. I sure am attracted, however, to the idea of aggregating and harnessing lots of human cycles and presenting them intelligently through these new tools. I think it‘s cool that people are working to make this happen.

My gut tells me that we are just in the infancy of more intelligent search tools. If I was putting my money on someone to win this race it would not be Google. Why? The race is hardly ever won by those that are not extremely hungry. As interesting as I find the Google corporate culture, there are just some things too difficult to overcome. So I‘m looking for something new to emerge and capture our attention.

If you want to keep yourself busy for hours follow some of the links in Beth‘s post. Heck, you can spend hours just watching Diggers swarm. Geez I love this stuff! You weren‘t doing anything more important today were you?

I was invited to the calls that Beth describes in her post, and I let the fire in front of me command my attention. I‘m angry at myself now as I can‘t even remember what I thought at the time was more important. I missed a real opportunity to step out of my usual social network and to learn. My bad! Thank you Beth for summarizing so nicely what I missed!

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