Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wikis overused?

Robert Safuto at Awakened Voice asks the question, Are Wikis Overused?" For the situation he describes he should have probably asked, “Are wikis misused?” He writes:

On most wikis users can either edit a page or not. Not very flexible. A more ideal solution would allow admin users to edit a section of a page while allowing other users to edit another section, but only by entering a form designed by the planners of the site. Even then some moderation of submitted content should be an option.

Poor Robert is struggling to get-it. Another question might have been to ask before using a wiki, “Do you trust people or not?” If you can‘t let go- then don‘t, but don‘t blame the tool. As soon as you try to lock-things-down you break the very conditions which make it work in the first place.

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