Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Trying versus using

Jason at Signal vs Noise has a good little post about kicking the wheels versus taking a cross-country trip with an application. He‘s right on the money. Personally, I‘m tired of hearing from people about why a technology will or won‘t work when they haven‘t used it and never have any intention of using it.

In some ways it?s the difference between meeting someone and knowing someone. You don?t know someone until you?ve really spent some time with them. How do they react in certain situations? Are they kind or only friendly on the surface? Are they smart or can they just recite a few facts? The same goes for a product. How does the product react? Is the product just clever enough or is it too clever? How does the product make you feel when you use it?

I couldn‘t agree more. I prepared a new talk this past weekend for an invited presentation next month. The talk is on new new methods for collaboration for knowledge workers. As I worked on it I realized that I‘m not talking or even mentioning a single tool that I don‘t personally use. No hype, and I‘ll be able to talk about how I really use them. I can talk from personal experience on how these tools have saved me time and increased my (and my work groups) productivity.

I don‘t give the talk until January but I can‘t wait.

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