Saturday, December 9, 2006

Searching your Google Reader feeds

I‘ve mentioned before that I have switched completely to using Google Reader for my feeds. Since switching I have upped the number of feeds I subscribe to by 25%. It's working quite well for me. The one thing I have missed, however, is the ability to search just within my own feeds. NetNewsWire had this feature. Being that Google is in the search business I found this somewhat amusing. So I wrote Google Labs and asked what was up with the missing search. I got the following back:

Thank you for your interest in Google Reader. We are currently focusing
all of our energy on developing this feature and other Google Labs
prototypes. Due to this fact, we are unable to provide personal responses
to the email we receive. However, we are monitoring all of your feedback
and suggestions and will keep them in mind as we work to improve Google

To further assist our users, we have created a discussion forum on Google
Groups where you can exchange information with other Google Reader users.

Which is the polite way for them to say, “you are on your own.” I‘m totally fine with that answer. It reminded me of one I got from this past summer that went something like, “Yep, it looks like that is broken.” Which was another answer that I was perfectly fine with. I do understand scale…

Anyway, left to my own devices I came up with a really good solution. Google Blog Search is awesome. Now, I know that if I would just tag or star things when I first see them I would never need to search. The problem is sometimes I see things and at the time I don‘t realize they are significant. When cast in a different context then I find myself thinking, “Ahhh, that‘s what that thing I saw last week (or whenever) was about. Now, where the heck did I see it?” So, where Google Blog Search doesn‘t search my feeds, it searches the whole blogosphere, I have yet to have it fail me. Every single time with just a vague idea of what I‘m looking for GBS has come through. So, I‘m giving it the proper shoutout it deserves.

Have I mentioned that Google is slowly taking over my life?

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