Sunday, December 24, 2006

Prediction posts

Jevon MacDonald at Social Write has one of the more thoughtful prediction posts for 2007:

The year for Enterprise 2.0. Powerful idea, and I can see it going a few different ways. The ways I want it to happen, and the way it will happen are probably going to be two different things.
If 2007 is going to be the year of Enterprise 2.0, then chances are that means that web 2.0 is going to be brought into corporate tools. That's the obvious answer for some, but it's not where many of us want to see Enterprise 2.0 go.

I‘m working on my own prediction post. Of course, that doesn‘t mean any of you will ever see it. It‘s not that I won‘t write it, I‘ve already written a good part of it, it‘s whether it ever sees the light-of-day. I‘m also working on a post on the worst predictions I‘ve seen. Several of them have left me scratching my head if not LOL.

Here‘s another prediction I liked from Rod Boothby at Innovation Creators while you wait:

#3) MS Word is going to start to die
At least 10 members of the Fortune 500 are going to forbid the use of MS Word as they transition to a combination of user build, xml backed forms and applications, blogs, wikis and other Enterprise 2.0 tools. Microsoft does have an interesting desk top tool already in place to help with the transition. It is called Windows Live Writer.

I‘m glad to see that Rod has been reading me: Whither the Word Processor. Of course, where he is wrong is to think that it will be replaced by another desktop tool. There will be no transition. That will not be happening…

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