Saturday, December 2, 2006

Podcasting growth - not

Mark Glasser at Mediashift has a good read on the state of podcasting: Survey Says:Podcast Audience Small But Growing...Enough?

In summation, you could say that a large number of people have now downloaded a podcast ? about 17 million people as of August 2006 ? but that only about 1.4 million people download as a regular habit. It?s a classic case of good news and bad news, but how do you convey that in a headline that can only have a limited number of words? A quick glance at Google News shows the wide range of conclusions drawn by stories covering the survey results...

My read on podcasting is that it is a yawn. I fall into the camp of those who think it‘s overhyped. I hear a lot of people who say, “We need to be into podcasting…“ usually followed by some statement about how the world is changing and “we“ need to be getting on the bandwagon. That‘s when I kick into my informal survey mode and ask, “Which podcasts do you enjoy listening to on a regular basis?“ When that question returns a blank stare, I follow-up with an easier question, “Have you listened to something recently that you would recommend?” It‘s at this point where the conversation usually switches to another topic. Heck, I rarely listen to podcasts, but I can at least name a couple of popular podcasters.

So, where the Pew Internet study Glasser sites says the jury is still out on podcasting, I‘m here to tell you that podcasting is not something we need to be worried about. In its current state it takes way too much attention bandwidth and it‘s pretty much going nowhere.

And to answer my own question: Here is something I listened to today that I found incredibly interesting: Ryan Frietas from Adaptive Path appears on IT Conversations discussing "Facilitating Collaboration". Someone shared this link with me via I love!

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