Thursday, December 28, 2006

My night at the movies and the griefspawn attack

I went to the movies last night at the Mare Movie Mini-Plex (100,26,56). We saw several films, but my favorite was The Procrastinator (1952) which you can find on the Internet Archive.

Procrastinator, The - Centron Productions
When Jean becomes chairman of the social committee, she habitually fails to plan and use time wisely in carrying out her responsibilities. When she is unable to get everything together in time for the school dance, her schoolmates are justifiably upset with her. Filmed with a cast of nonprofessionals in Lawrence, Kansas. Writer: Margaret Carlile (Trudy) Travis.
Keywords: Social guidance; Teenagers; Morality

Poor Jean just couldn‘t get it together. The moral of the story: pick your leaders carefully.

The highlight of the evening, however, wasn‘t the movies but was the griefspawn attack which hit right at the start of the fourth film. I felt a tad like a storm-chaser seeing their first tornado. I thought quickly enough to take some snapshots, but I wished I‘d thought to capture the attack as a video. Next time… See my Flickr account for a couple more.


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