Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lawrence Lessig passes the torch

It was a great party on the Creative Commons Island of Kula last night. The celebration was to commemorate the 4th birthday of the CC, but the big news of the evening turned-out to be Lawrence Lessig stepping down as the Chairperson of the board of the organization he birthed. In a touching ceremony he passed the torch to Joi Ito. Jimbo Wales spoke next presenting Larry with a plaque (created by Aimee Weber) recognizing him for his “awesome work dreaming and building CCI”.

Second Life came through nicely for the event. There were a lot of people in attendance and the system‘s performance was quite good. In the run up to the event the sim crashed twice so I was starting to have my doubts, but once we were in and seated the event went off without a hitch.

From a virtual experience it was excellent. Lawrence Lessig was in Portugal, Joi Ito in Japan, and Jimbo Wales in Florida, but last night they were all together with us in a very rich virtual environment. It most certainly worked as a way to conduct such an event. I was glad I stayed up late to experience it. (See: What makes Second Life eerily powerful is the zero-distance between thinkers and technology.

Before the festivities began Twig and Navy (my 1L friends) made an appearance, and a good time was had by all. I‘m most definitely looking forward to more of these sorts of things in the future.

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