Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greasemonkey script to read your feeds in Gmail

This is very cool Greasemonkey script by Mihai Parparita who works for Google: Google Reader Redux. It‘s easy to install, and basically dumps all your feeds into a single Gmail folder.

You may wonder why I felt the need to write a Greasemonkey script for my own product. The answer is that integrations are hard and generally require a lot of effort before you can even determine if they are worthwhile. Greasemonkey lets you experiment with UI concepts with minimal effort necessary from either team (I had to make exactly one change to Reader to better support this script, and that was the ability to force list view to be used, even if expanded view is normally selected). I can't really say what, if any, our integration plans are, but enough users have asked for something like this that I thought writing the script was the most expedient way to provide this (unofficial) feature.

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