Saturday, December 9, 2006

The end of the control-freak era...

and none too soon.

From the AlphaMarketer: The Internet and the Removal of Gatekeepers.

No matter what area of life you talk about, the bottom line is that the concept of gatekeepers is slowly eroding, and being replaced by the citizens of the world. That‘s the core of what‘s been happening for years. It‘s what is being fought in the trenches of every single area of life today.

Gatekeepers, what‘s that mean overall? The gatekeepers of the past were the deciders of who got in the game of not. If for any reason they didn‘t want you, there was very little chance that you would make it in whatever you were trying to do.

This is why there has been so much panic over the enormous changes going on. Those that have been gatekeepers were those in power. Power doesn‘t want to be ignored and tossed aside. But that‘s what the real story of what the Internet has empowered people to do.

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