Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christine Kane on creativity

Christine Kane: 17 Things I Know for Sure About Creativity

But when you're creating things, nothing is linear. Everything squiggles. You don't start at Point A and go to Point C, via Point B. Creating a song might go like this: You get an idea. You sit with the idea. Another idea comes about how to begin. You start there because you have to start somewhere. Then you end up writing a chorus that turns out to be the third verse. A whole new chorus comes. Then you get stumped. Then you get one line that turns the whole idea around and shoots you off in the direction you were meant to go all along. And it's easy for a while. Then you get stumped again and re-write that third verse. Eventually, a song that makes sense to the listener is born.

I can see how this would apply to all sorts of creative endeavors not just song writing. We all need the opportunity to squiggle a tad more in our work. It‘s that squiggling which leads to the truly remarkable.

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