Thursday, November 23, 2006

Syndication to mobile devices

Thomas Vanderwal discusses the sorry state of RSS enabled mobile devices: RSS on PDAs and information reuse.

Having just switched to Google Reader for all of my feeds I‘m once again at a loss for how to get them to my phone. This isn‘t that complicated is it?

Content, make that information in general, stored and presented in a format that is only usable in one device type or application is very short sighted. Information should be reusable to be more useful. Users copy and paste information into documents, todo lists, calendars, PDAs, e-mail, weblogs, text searchable data stores (databases, XML respositories, etc.), etc. Digital information from the early creation was about reusing the information. Putting text only in a graphic is foolish (AIGA websites need to learn this lesson) as is locking the information in a proprietary application or proprietary format.

Can we please keep it simple. Just because you can do something more whippy rarely makes it a good idea.

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