Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jason on Learning and Unlearning

Jason, Rambles of a University Systems Manager: Learning and Unlearning, gets it right and writes one hell of a long sentence (as only Jason can) packed with wisdom:

Whether it's the cutting edge physical sciences, engineering, the life sciences or computing-yes computing - even if computing is just a means to your own area of specialty, and not a specialty in and of itself, we absolutely have to get it across that the assumptions you made last week have to be questioned with new information this week and to be prepared with a solid base of fundamental concepts, and a healthy dose of logic to be able to rapidly adapt to new tools and techniques, whether that?s some kind of new statistical model, an rna sequencing technique, upending the financial conventional wisdom, or something as base as editing another's web page using some tool that will go away in six months, replaced with something faster, stronger, etc.

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