Sunday, November 5, 2006

Gannett: Re-inventing itself

I saw this in Wired about Gannett going whole-hog into crowdsourcing:

According to internal documents provided to Wired News and interviews with key executives, Gannett, the publisher of USA Today as well as 90 other American daily newspapers, will begin crowdsourcing many of its newsgathering functions. Starting Friday, Gannett newsrooms were rechristened "information centers," and instead of being organized into separate metro, state or sports departments, staff will now work within one of seven desks with names like "data," "digital" and "community conversation."

Gutsy move! In the face of sure death they decide to invent their own future. A move like this takes some serious leadership. Have to love that they jumped right in.

By lowering the barriers to citizen journalism, reorganizing to support that effort, and putting their resources behind it, they place themselves in the middle of the game. The remaining question is if they can really let go and trust their customers, or if they have to be in “control” of the product. That requires a cultural change that might be too large to overcome. I hope they succeed.

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