Thursday, November 23, 2006

Consumers yawning over HDTV?

An interesting piece on people losing interest in HDTV:

Consumers seem to like everything about HDTV - except TV shows in HDTV.

Only 47% of people buying a high-definition TV set in the past year say they did so looking forward to watching TV shows in HD, according to a study out Wednesday by Frank N. Magid Associates. That's down from 63% two years ago.

We‘re a one television family, and the 26 incher that we bought way back in 1990 just died. If you‘ll remember how excited I was when my older iPod died, it paled in comparison to my excitement over our television going belly-up.

We are now owners of a 45” LCD HDTV. I sprung immediately for the HD cable service, which was actually cheaper than what I had been paying for cable and inet service separately. I have to tell you it is wonderful! Those other 53% don‘t know what they are missing.

You haven‘t lived until you‘ve seen Miami Ink in HDTV. Where, I don't have a tattoo, not even in Second Life, that could change come the first of the year: Engineering the First Safe Tattoo Ink.

And how cool is this phone, The Tattoo-Etched MOTORAZR V3: Miami Ink Collection?

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