Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SMS in education

I‘m not sure what to say about these articles… so I won‘t say anything. Two different articles on SMS uses in education.

Should Schools Teach SMS Text Messaging?

Will this change how we type formal letters, use Microsoft word and reflect in our written letters? Absolutely! I look 4ward 2 it! It takes a lot less time to communicate the Xact same thing. Does it offend anyone that I didn’t type out the whole word? Does it make me less educated? Or does it simplify my life, make it easier to communicate faster and give me more time to do something else. More time is what we should be focusing on.


Students to receive lecture notes on their mobiles.

STUDENTS at a Scottish university are to have their lecture notes sent to their mobile phones in a pioneering bid to replace paper handouts in classes.

Dr Ayse Goker, from the school of computing at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, is planning to run a trial of the system in her lectures next year.

The system, called AmbieSense, uses hi-tech chips in lecture rooms that are capable of beaming information to mobile phones nearby.

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