Saturday, October 14, 2006

Openness and higher education

The October/November issue of the Innovate is devoted to the topic of openness, open source, and higher education. The lead article is by David Wiley of Utah State University:

The world is changing in many ways as popularized by recent books such as The World Is Flat (Friedman 2005). Business, science, and other areas of society already leverage these changes to their benefit. In contrast, higher education has adapted too little in response to these changes and is consequently in very real danger of becoming irrelevant. Higher education's willingness and ability to evolve toward openness will be a strong predictor of its future relevance. If higher education is to fulfill its mission as set forth in visionary documents like the First Morrill Act (1862), which granted land to the states for colleges that would "promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes on the several pursuits and professions in life" (Section 4[8]), openness must become a core part of academic culture.

The whole issue is worth reading. You‘ll need to register to get access, but you won‘t regret it. There‘s lots of good stuff.

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