Saturday, October 7, 2006

Google advanced search: Reader survey

Google has added advanced searching capabilities to their accessible search. They state:

Ever since we launched Google Accessible Search in July, one of the most oft-requested features has been the addition of advanced search capabilities similar to those available on the main Google Search page.

This is interesting. I can see where advanced searching capabilities would be necessary in regard to accessibility. For example, limiting search to certain file types. I‘ve been working under the assumption that no one uses Google‘s advanced search, but I can see now that I might have been a tad myopic in my thinking. So, my reader survey question: are advanced searching capabilities a key component to making sites more accessible?

I know that I never go to this page.

The only “advanced” feature I use is to restrict searching to a particular site, and I can do that without going to the advanced search page. I‘ve been operating under the assumption that no one uses advanced search, and that eliminating it makes a site less confusing to use. Now I‘m wondering if this needs to be back on the table?

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