Saturday, October 28, 2006

Educational entities in Second Life

Cole Camplese from Penn State reflects on an experience that I also had over two years ago.

Things have heated up so quickly in the Second Life space in the last year… it just sort of blows my mind given how hard we tried to make something go with them several years ago. I guess the problem was that when I say “trying to get something going,” we were playing the higher education handshake game. You know palm extended, facing up? But through it all Bart Pursel, my Lead for Learning Solutions when I was at the Solutions Institute kept saying there is something here. Most of us looked at him funny.

I‘m still pimping Second Life, and still getting those blank looks when I suggest we need to be diving-in. I suggest that Penn State‘s problem was not that they were begging, but that they couldn‘t convince the people who controlled the resources that this was something they needed to be doing.

Being on the leading-edge can be very frustrating, even when you know the leading-edge has long passed you by.

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