Monday, September 11, 2006

QOTD: Susan Crawford

Susan Crawford discussing assumptions young developers are making about mesh networks:

Will we learn how to participate in mesh networks in time to adopt them in large numbers before they become illegal?

Let‘s hope so! As anyone who travels knows getting network access is a colossal pain. I‘m currently spending $130/month for Internet connectivity between my cable modem, EVDO phone, and T-Mobile Hotspot. When I‘m moving through airports the EVDO works, but it‘s not my preferred method of connecting. It‘s absurd to have to pay $10 for 45 minutes of access from some obscure carrier.

The last three Starbucks I visited did not have T-Mobile. Grrr! I seek out Starbucks figuring I can connect only to find they have no coverage. Want to cancel T-Mobile? Good luck figuring out how. They‘ll take your money on line, but they won‘t let you stop paying the same way.

We really need better alternatives. Mesh networking makes so much sense. Can we please make it work.

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