Saturday, September 2, 2006

MySpace to take no prisoners

MySpace to sell music from nearly 3 million bands:

MySpace, the wildly popular online teen hangout, said on Friday it will make its first move into the digital music business by selling songs from nearly 3 million unsigned bands.

Oh oh… Second time in a week where I‘ve thought, “Game on!” The established players are about to have it handed to them. MySpace with 106 million registered users will completely change the way the game is played. No amount of lobbying Congress is going to save the old guard‘s obsolete business models from a force like this. Isn‘t disintermediation wonderful.

Then there‘s this:

Songs can be sold on the bands' MySpace pages and on fan pages, in non-copyright-protected MP3 digital file format, which works on most digital players including Apple's market-dominating iPod.

Say goodbye to DRM and restrictive copyright. Have to love it!

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