Saturday, August 12, 2006

Todo List Tips

I found these recommendations for Building a Smarter To-Do List through and gave it a thorough read.

The recommendations seemed a tad over the top. If I was this good at managing my todo list I wouldn‘t need the list in the first place. I also think they missed a few good recommendations:

  1. It needs to be fun. If it isn‘t fun you won‘t do it.
  2. They suggested deleting items to reduce the clutter. That's okay, but there's another step you must do first and that is the ever famous "drawing a line through it" (Really big task). I know this is a carryover from analog, but crossing things out feels really good, and whatever technology you use must support this. I will go so far as to put things I have already completed on my list simply for the pleasure of being able to cross-them-out.
  3. Nagging: I use Backpack for my lists (some of the time). It will send me emails and SMSs to remind me. This is great!
  4. Better Nagging: Turn the management of your list into a social networking exercise. Find a real human to manage your list for you. Candidates for this position must be proficient in the art of nagging. Constant nagging! If you can accomplish this you will know that you have finally arrived.

UPDATE: I decided to take a look at my todo list on Backpack. There was an item: Write Brenda. Okay, I have no idea who Brenda is. If your name is Brenda, and you‘re waiting for me to write you can you please ping me and give me a clue as to the topic. Thank you!

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