Monday, August 28, 2006

RIAA Radar

My son told me about this site RIAA Radar where you can look up an artist or album and see immediately if it‘s under the control of a label that is part of the RIAA.

Why is it important to know if an album was released by an RIAA member or not?
That‘s possibly a fairly long answer, but just the highlights of the RIAA‘s practices involve price-fixing, blaming its poor financial state on unfounded digital piracy claims (and in turn, blaming and suing its own consumers), lobbying for changes that hinder technological innovation and change copyright laws, underpaying the artists it represents, invading personal privacy to enforce copyrights, and dismantling entire computer networks just because of their ability (of their users) to share copyrighted files.

There are a lot of talented artists out there. We don‘t have to support the RIAA labels.

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