Wednesday, August 9, 2006

QOTD: David Weinberger

From David Weinberger's blog:

But answer me this: Why do all 76 trombones have to be clustered in the front? Is it natural or even useful for every one of the 110 cornets to be near the trombones? Why carry the tyranny of rows and columns all the way into musical performances? That's just sick.

I went back and listened to his Wikimania talk again tonight and completed the notes that got lost on Sabifoo from Sunday. (Even though Sabifoo is a little flaky I still think it‘s cool.)

I‘m pretty sure that I have a much longer post on Weinberger‘s talk still in me. I think he‘s on to something big on this “meaning making“ line of reasoning…that it is a highly personal process. Just like the control-freaks are getting disintermediated in every other aspect of society it‘s also happening to those who want to “order” our world. We don‘t need people to order things for us anymore. That‘s why the flatness of Wikipedia is so brilliant.

That‘s a teaser. Hopefully I‘ll get around to getting these thoughts down in writing before too long.

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