Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Lawrence Lessig's keynote from Wikimania

Ethan Zuckerman does a nice review of Lawrence Lessig's keynote from Wikimania. My informal survey of conference attendees has Lessig‘s speech as the conference highlight.

Jonathan Zittrain gets the first group "woo!" of the conference, suggesting that this gathering is a Woodstock for the 21st century, speculating about babies being born in the aisles and Jimmy Hendrix with a keynote speaker. He introduces Larry Lessig as a "bridge-lawyer", riffing on the bridge-blog idea the Global Voices crowd often pitches. Larry's capable of explaining law to geeks, to scaring the pants off lawyers, to making everyone hopeful and scared at the same time.

My only disagreement is that Woodstock was in Frankfurt last summer. This year‘s conference is nice, just different.

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