Saturday, July 8, 2006

Tips for writer's block

10 Killer Post Ideas

Chris Garrett‘s list of things to help bloggers with writer‘s block.

1. How to


2. Lists

Now that‘s a great idea.

3. Campaign

Things like intellectual property? Perhaps I should find some more causes.

4. Interview

Actually talk to someone? On the phone? Yeah right.

5. Review

Hmmmm? Nope.

6. Case study

Way too much work.

7. Research results

I did write a nice long post one time on some research I found interesting. Is it still called a “post” if you never actually post it?

8. What's new, trends

I like this one. And it gives me all the excuse I need to waste a lot of time checking things out.

9. Attack!

How STUPID is that!

10. Ask the audience

Anything on this list appeal to you?

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