Friday, July 21, 2006


Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen had this interesting posting on signage that he‘d encountered on his recent vacation to Hawaii.

As you know, I believe strongly that we can learn many things about presentation design by casting a wide net and examining not only great speakers and presentations, but by opening our eyes to studying all aspects of visual communication. With that in mind, below are a few pics I shot while in the US last week.

Be sure to read the part in his post about the spider on the airplane.

I found his posting somewhat humorous in that there was a sign in the bathroom of the campground and I had thought, “You really need to take a photo of this.“ I resisted, and now I wished I hadn‘t. The sign said, “DO NOT WASH CLOTHES, DISHES, OR PEOPLE IN THE SINK!!!” It was a multi-colored sign, and PEOPLE was in red. It was a very small sink and I had some difficulty imagining that this was a problem. Especially considering that there were two very nice showers and they even had hot water.

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