Monday, July 3, 2006

Second Life: Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society will be conducting their second Relay for Life July 22-23, 2006 in the online virtual world Second Life.

They are also expanding their presence in the community:

The Society is expanding its role in the community by establishing a virtual space on our own Island. This virtual office will serve a number of purposes including an interactive cancer information resource center, a venue for peer support groups, as well as a headquarters for in-world event planning. This winter we will host a competition for the rights to design and / or construct the ACS office in Second Life. Details of these competitions will be posted here as well as on the ACS Island. We hope to break ground this spring and hold a grand opening party in conjunction with the 2006 Relay For Life.

Wells Fargo got into the act late last year with their Stagecoach Island. It is an online game targeted at teaching youth financial skills.

The pilot project, known as Stagecoach Island, is a digital environment intended to help young people learn financial responsibility. Visitors there can skydive, fly hovercrafts, dance and shop. But woven into the experience, to which Wells Fargo has been inviting groups of people in San Diego and Austin, Texas, is a series of financial messages intended to help them learn something about money management.

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