Saturday, July 1, 2006

Nice SMS app (and mobile chat issues)

This is a cool Rails application, oh don't forget, that allows you to queue-up SMS messages for delivery at a future date and time. Yes, I tried it. I sent myself a reminder to make another pot of coffee at 8a. And yes, I made the coffee before doing this post.

I find myself using SMS more and more. I really prefer receiving Jabber messages on my phone, however, there are some issues that make it difficult. I have a Treo 700w using Windows Mobile v.5. I use IM+ for chatting. It's an EVDO network connection.

My issue is that every time I get a phone call, or access the mobile browser it drops the chat connection. I‘ve never been that curious to look into the problem, but my gut tells me that multitasking is something that should have been solved by now. So where I‘m too lazy to look into the problem, I‘d be happy to hear from y‘all if you care to shed some light. And if you tell me the solution is to switch to the 700p… That would work.

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