Friday, July 7, 2006

Kent State gets a clue

Following up on my post from last week about Kent State banning their athletes from using Facebook it appears that common sense has prevailed:

“After further review, it does appear that Facebook allows a member to ‘privatize‘ his or her site, which requires ‘friends‘ to request permission to be admitted to the site,” Kennedy said in an e-mail to students at Kent, which is about 120 miles northeast of Columbus.

Students also will have to allow their coaches and academic advisers to monitor their profiles, and anything they post will have to meet university guidelines for appropriate behavior.

This seems reasonable. The athtletes should be privatizing their sites anyway. Facebook can actually be a good way for the students to communicate with the athletic department. I‘ve heard some funny stories about athletes actually sending messages to their athletic departments via their walls. Great way to open the communication channels. (That‘s an “over a beer” story for those who would like to know more.)

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