Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Firecracker 100

It‘s Independence Day and that means I ride my bike. I‘ve done this every 4th for the last four years. I prefer to mountain bike, but there‘s nothing quite like doing a large group ride (a thousand plus cyclists) with your friends.

Today was hot, heat index of 105°, but the ride was still nice. Fortunately, we started at 8a and I was home in time to see the Nathan's 2006 Hotdog Eating Contest. SPOILER: Takeru Kobayashi repeated, winning his sixth World Championship. He broke his own world record on the way to the crown by scarfing down 53.75 hot dogs. We‘re late to the BBQ where I won‘t be having a dog.

Saw this on Wired about how you can buy much better bike technology down at your local shop: Better Bikes Than Lance's. Now they tell me…

UPDATE: I heard on the news that this was Takeru‘s sixth world title. Reading deeper in the Nathan‘s Web site on the competition it mentions both a fifth and sixth title. Yes, I was thinking, “If this was a wiki I could fix it for them.” So, being that I have three sources saying it was his sixth I‘m going with that.

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