Friday, July 21, 2006


I‘ve returned from my brief mountain biking vacation. It was really, really nice. I might post something about riding later.

I did send some photos to Flickr from the trail. They were failing and I just attributed it to poor connectivity. So I was surprised to see that one of them made it through. This was one photo of about five taken in the middle of my first ride. I have no idea why this one made it and none of the others. Where the scenery was very pretty I didn‘t take anything with my camera phone that did any of it justice. I‘ve never yet taken a photo of a trail that adequately depicts the steepness, rocks, roots, mud, or any other feature of the trail. So I doubt I‘ll put any more photos from this trip up on Flickr as none of them are any good.

Where I did do some SMSing from the trail I only checked my email once. Progress! I think I was aided by the lack of EVDO and poor CDMA2000 1x connectivity. Perhaps I will add poor connectivity as a criteria for selecting future destinations.

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