Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time Magazine: You Gotta Have Friends

Google tells us the Social Networking in America article is getting a good deal of play.

Time Magazine gets into the act in their July 3rd edition. They tapped Robert Putman from Harvard University and author of Bowling Alone for comments. His take:

Does it really matter? As a friend said, "So what if the average American now has two close friends, not three? Two is plenty." But that's exactly like saying, "If global temperatures rise from 65°F to 70°F, I wouldn't even notice." That's fine, as long as you ignore the indirect effects, like mega-hurricanes in the Gulf.

That‘s a little over the top. Global warming…people to share secrets with? Hard to decide which of those scares me more.

I‘m still holding back a bit on my own thinking which is that fewer confidants is actually a good thing. I wrote it, and one of my own confidants suggested, oh so nicely, that it was pretty bland stuff. Okay…

If you would like to read a halfway intelligent discussion on the topic I recommend this post at Crooked Timber.

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