Monday, June 5, 2006

Stanley Cup prediction

I promised a prediction, and I‘m picking the Hurricanes to win the Stanley Cup in six games.

I‘m a big believer in trusting collective wisdom and just this afternoon the smart money moved into the Canes column:

This is from the prediction markets game operated by Inkling. I love this sort of stuff, and can think of many real-world applications for this technology. For now it‘s all for fun, and I‘m breathing a sigh-of-relief to see the Canes as the investors‘ favorite. It‘s very close though with the Hurricanes sitting at $51.72 (up $5.50 today) and the Oilers at $48.28.

It‘s time to drop the puck. GOOOOOOOOOOO CANES!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Canes are down 3–1 starting the 3rd period and look how the market has reacted. Ouch! As they say, “never try to catch a falling knife.” I will be buying some more Canes before Game 2, however.


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