Sunday, June 18, 2006

Podcasting is not for me...

or anyone else it seems.

Study: No one is listening to podcasts... yet

A new study by Forrester suggests only 1% of Americans regularily listen to podcasts. As you imagine, the study has sparked a good deal of controversy in the podcasting community, although Forrester predicts a dramatic surge in podcast use over the next few years. "So should companies be putting podcasting on the backburner? Hardly," writes Forrester analyst Charlene Li. "[But] my caution is that companies shouldn?t be dashing out to create expensive original content for a small audience ? unless they gain value from being seen as innovative." True, although I would argue there's a greater imperative for the media to experiment in this space early enough to capitalize on the coming opportunity.

Nope, I‘m not buying that rosy scenario. Listening takes way more personal bandwidth than most are willing to invest. If they would make podcasts smarter then maybe, but I‘m not seeing this technology being adopted en masse any time soon.

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