Friday, June 16, 2006

One size does not fit all

eMarketer has an interesting new report about mothers and the Web: "Moms Online: Parenting With Web 2.0".

So, what is it that they are they doing? You got it, they are visiting social networking sites. It‘s the same thing we are seeing in every other demographic. They are seeking out and contributing to user generated content. They want to connect with their peers.

More than any other demographic group, mothers seek out other mothers for support and advice. Not surprisingly, the highest-visited category for moms online is community areas, also known as social networking sites. While visits to family and kids' sites actually dropped among females with children in the last year, community sites attracted 70% of mothers online.

This caught my eye, “Moms comprise 13% of the 48 million visitors on” Wow! Something tells me they want to know what their kids are experiencing. Smart women!

If you‘re trying to build a site in 2006 that will appeal to everyone, in the end it will appeal to no one. Mommybuzz is a new site that looks like they‘ve got it all figured out. Clean, targeted, elegant, engaging. Almost makes me wish I was a mom. There‘s a lesson here for all of us.

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