Friday, June 23, 2006

Fake identity generator

The good ideas for Internet based businesses just keep on coming. This site will generate you a fake identity. My first identity was a tough one: Teodoro K. Odonoghue. No way I could ever remember the spelling of the last name. My second try got me one I can live with. What's not to like about living in a place called Horse Cave?

Your New Random Identity

Joseph H. Locher
550 Main Street
Horse Cave, KY 42749

Email Address:
(More information at

Phone: 270–786-9919
Mother‘s maiden name: Blackburn
Birthday: November 13, 1951

MasterCard: 5590 9808 6100 3380
Expires: 9/2007

Does one need to worry about fake identity theft?

The site has some interesting statistics. Your chances of getting Elvis A. Presley are one in 14 million. They have 4 times as many women‘s identities as men. To date they have generated 21k bulk identity orders. You can purchase 2000 identities for $1.

Drop the new me an email: Joseph Locher

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